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About Us

We are a part of the Intelligent Systems and Control Engineering Division in the School of Electronics Engineering at Kyungpook National University. The group's main strengths are in control, monitoring, and modelling, with particular interest in wind turbines and farms and renewable energy. We actively seek to collaborate with other groups within South Korea and around the world. If you are interested in finding out more about our research, please visit our Projects page.



New Places Available for Undergraduate/Postgraduate Students

We are recruiting a number of PhD and Master's students. If you are interested in conducting research on control, condition monitoring, or wind energy, please contact me to have a chat.  

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The EU Consortium, Windtrust aims to reduce the cost of wind energy generation by further improving the reliability of key components of the turbine.

As with all energy sources, the key to greater competitiveness is to increase the cost-effectiveness of a given energy generation process. In the case of wind turbines, this means ensuring the highest possible levels of reliability and availability by optimising design, operation and maintenance phases.

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